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Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

Advanced Analytics has direct impact on organization’s strategic, tactical and operational business decisions. 

Advanced Analytics and Business intelligence (BI) leverage software to transform huge volumes of raw data into valuable information and help organizations make reasonable choices, grounded decisions, and define priorities. Robust BI solutions employ business analysis, data mining, data visualization, and sophisticated data analytics technologies to spot market trends, provide market benchmarks, optimization possibilities, and unfold growth opportunities.



Our Advanced Analytics and BI Services

Database Administration

Your data defines your company's capabilities, thus, you need a team of DBA experts to ensure you’re doing everything you can to make the most of its value. we provide DBA expertise, services, and strategies to ensure your organization uses its data in a safe and secure way to the fullest extent possible.

Data Engineering

Our experts analyze available data sources and formats and integrate it into the ETL workflow. They extract data from different sources, transform the data into a usable and trusted resource, and load that data into the systems end-users can access and use downstream to solve business problems.

Data Visualization

Our team develops logical and physical architecture for data analytics, develops data visualization interfaces and dashboards that enables organization to have a birdseye view of all aspects of their business in a one page dashboard.



Benefits and value propositions of implementing advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions:


Fast and Accurate Reporting

Employees can use templates or customized reports to monitor KPIs using a variety of data sources, including financial and operational. These reports are generated in real time and use the most relevant data so businesses can act quickly. Most reports include easy to read visualizations, such as graphs, tables, and charts. Some BI software reports are interactive so that users can play with different variables or access information even faster.

Valuable Business Insights

Businesses can gauge employee productivity, revenue, overall success as well as department-specific performances. It can uncover strengths and weaknesses since BI tools help organizations understand what’s working and what isn’t. Setting up alerts is easy and can help track these metrics and help busy executives stay on top of the KPIs that matter the most to their business.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

BI software can help companies understand customer behaviors and patterns. Most companies are taking customer feedback in real time and this information can help businesses retain customers and reach new ones. These tools may also help companies identify buying patterns, which help customer experience employees anticipate needs and deliver better service.

Increased operational efficiency

BI tools unify multiple data sources, which help with a business’s overall organization so that managers and employees spend less time tracking down information and can focus on producing accurate and timely reports. Armed with up to date and accurate information, employees can focus on their short and long term goals and analyze the impact of their decisions.

Cost Reduction

BI software can find areas in which your organization can cut costs . The software collects raw data on areas where the organization has high expenses and come up with a solution to cut them down to eliminate source yields with low returns.

Identify new revenue opportunities

Crucial to any organization, and that is the major purpose of BI software. This is through finding new revenue opportunities that thrive business transformation. The software creates significant insights and reports of sources of high ROI, by analyzing strategies and marketing approaches.

Business KPIs tracking

The BI keeps track of the business KPIs by evaluating the metric value and the current status versus a specific target using a specific measure and sends alert to the user on the same. The notification enables the user to follow and come up with the right solution.

Increased Revenue

Increasing revenue is an important goal for any business. Data from BI tools can help businesses ask better questions about why things happened through making comparisons across different dimensions and identifying sales weaknesses. When organizations are listening to their customers, watching their competitors, and improving their operations, revenue are more likely to increase.

Customer behavior analytics

Business can capture and leverage data collected from frequent transactions through all channels and advanced analytics helps businesses provide real-time insights.