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USSD service is one of the most comfortable customer touchpoints. Almost all mobile devices support it regardless of the generation and operating systems. It is also the most accessible channel because it does not require an internet connection and It is free for the customers. Camros-Tech’s “USSD Gateway” interfaces the GSM network and bridges between pure telecom networks and the Telco admin user with a convenient and simple graphical interface.

Our solution provides a convenient interface for the Telco to communicate with their subscribers in a bi-directional and interactive way. This real time communication channel can walk through the subscribers to purchase the products or simply provide them with the ability to purchase it directly with direct short code functionality. It can easily get integrated with various payment services throughout the API interface to facilitate the fast monetization for the telco companies.  Relying on its well defined technology and architecture it provides a fast and reliable interface for the customers to customize their experience by providing the ability to serve themselves, check and change the configuration of their services or utilize various value added platforms.

SMS service can enhance the business in very different ways. The SMS service is reliable, quick and cost effective. It is also easily trackable and the results can be analyzed. Nowadays SMS is a key factor in many areas such as SMS Marketing, Bulk messaging, Notifications, OTPs and two factor authentications. Aside from these functionalities SMS can help in other domains such as M2M and IoT devices where the data coverage is poor, as it eliminates the need of a data plan. Camros-Tech’s “SMS Gateway” can help the businesses to benefit from all these advantages


smoothly and without having to deal with complications of integration with the telecommunications industry protocols. It will act as an interface between the business unit and the telecommunication service provider. Sending SMS and receiving report would be as convenient as an HTTP call.



Benefits and value propositions of implementing our Middlewares:


Reducing operational costs

  • Camros-Tech’s “USSD Gateway” reduces lots of customer simple enquiries by enabling the subscribers to help themselves on their services independently, therefore telcos achieve a substantial decrease in the total calls to costumer services units.
  • USSD Gateway solution can decrease the amount of load, and balance the capacity utilization, on alternative channels such as IVR and web portal.
  • Through the functionality of online sales, USSD Gateway will speed up the monetization process and time to market along with helping the Omni channel experience.
  • SMS is normally more affordable and effective comparing to other marketing options

Reducing Cost

  • With the aid of the user-friendly menu builder interface, the operator can easily modify, add or remove USSD menus on the fly and instantly.
  • Adding new products and dismantling or changing the existing ones from the menu builder application would be a matter of a few clicks and text entry. This way responding to needs of the ever changing business, would become a simple process
  • The 3rd party API integration feature can provide many business opportunities such as enhancing the business agility by enabling the infrastructure for joint ventures with the business partners and reduce the cost of it.By integrating with SMS gateway APIs it can create new services like “Please call Me” as a value added service.
  • SMS is mobile friendly and can touch vast varieties of costumers with different demographic segmentations
  • SMS Gateway can be used to provide immediate communication with easy API integration