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Mobile ID

Mobile Connect is a portfolio of mobile-based secure identity capabilities giving simple, secure and convenient access to online services with universal user experience scheme. With the combination of user’s mobile number and optional PIN code it can: authenticate users online, authorize digital transactions and payments, verify user’s identity, confirm attributes about user or the device they hold

Utilizing a secure and simplified mobile device-based multi-factor authentication and consent-based digital identity management, consumers can now enjoy an easy and trusted digital journey and service providers, online merchants, banks and fin-tech companies and governments can accelerate their KYC (Know-Your-Customer) process faster consequently reducing processing time and increasing their customer base and number of successful transactions.


There are numerous services and use-cases which can be enabled by implementing and integration Mobile ID into telcos’ infrastructure and allow them to become universal digital identity provider.

Our Mobile ID platform can be installed within telco’s infrastructure and position itself as a identity management and KYC transaction processor connecting end-user consumer service providers and telcos allowing different range of new services and adjacent businesses to benefit from Mobile Connect technology.



Benefits and value propositions of implementing the mobile ID:


Fast and simplified user experience

  • Mobile ID securely matches the end-user to his phone number, allowing him to confirm his identity online and authorize transactions.
  • It enables a universal digital identity and eliminates the need for username and passwords or hardware generated tokens, etc and replaces them all with users unique mobile number and device in his/her hand.

Protect privacy and reinforce online security

  • Only the personal info necessary to the transaction completion of the procedure are being shared, a full respect of users’ privacy and security with the end-to-end encryption across the integrated ecosystem.


Increasing revenue for consumer service providers and merchants

  • By eliminating multiple steps to verify end-user’s identity to complete transactions, more successful transactions will be processed by service providers and leading to more revenue

Reducing administration cost

  • Modernizing the traditional ways of authentication and authorization in B2G market, integrating mobile ID with government entities and processes can reduce administration costs and speed up existing processes.