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Online Shop

When it comes to creating lasting customer relationships, presenting the right products at the right price and enabling omni-channel experience where customers go through a distinct experience in all your touch-points, is just the beginning. The Camros-Tech’s Online Shop platform creates a connected ecosystem so your business is present where your audience is searching. Whether they prefer to research online and then come in-store, or wish to go through the entire transaction online, this platform connects customer needs with your retail store’s solutions.


This platform is a powerful online presence which drives cross-platform sales. Integrating with existing legacy BSS, ERP and Inventory management at telco’s end in addition to our “Product Catalog Manager”, it enables the best online sales experience your potential customers and existing subscribers deserve.



Benefits and value propositions of implementing the online shop:


Modernize and simplify customer acquisition 

  • Refresh your e-commerce offering and utilize tools like dynamic bundling and pricing, subscriptions, offer management and merchandising
  • Facilitate online SIM registration process using modern UX designs
  • Streamline all marketing efforts to improve the consumer experience and increase revenue
  • Start with the customer journey and work backward to adjust your offering and services

Reduce Operational Cost

·        It lowers cost of sales and after-sales support by automating manual sales activities and allowing sales team to focus on customer relationships via physical retail outlets, and enhancing the online sales experience and cut back on customer acquisition and service 

Moving towards digital transformation

  • In an era of continuous innovation and ever changing customer needs, it is crucial to be technologically flexible and react quickly, our online shop’s API-led design enables rapid modifications and diversification beyond traditional solutions, such as UI and UX fast changes.
  • It also allows for seamless third-party integrations adding different products and services to the online shop to enrich customer value propositions.
  • In integration with our “Product Catalog Manager”, marketing and sales teams are able to add/remove or modify product bundles, offers and 3rd party subscripts, devices and handsets to shop at any time
  • In integration with telco’s BSS, the Online shop can place orders online, call-in the inventory validations, and provide tracking and order status report to the customer

Expanding market outreach

  • It facilitates customer outreach and engagement by enabling online sales where customers can purchase their SIM-cards and devices or other product offering anytime, anywhere
  • It receives fast responses from customers either in sales/promotions and tracking their purchase behavior can guide sales and marketing team to respond quickly to the customer needs
  • It enables social media marketing and 3rd party sales channels where 3rd party channels, social media influencers or other subscribers which brings in and redirects new prospective customer leads to your online shop

Customer behavior analytics

  • Telco can capture and leverage purchase behavior data collected from frequent transactions through online shop and its extracted insight helps telcos re-examine their sales and marketing strategy and provide real-time contextual response to market demands.

Increasing Revenue

  • Facilitating purchase user experience for the customers to buy new SIM-cards, devices, offers or renew their plans or buy packages via shop
  • In integration with our “Product Catalog Manager”, marketing and sales teams are able to up-sell cross-sell other products and 3rd party offering

Differentiate Your Business

BI software can help companies understand customer behaviors and patterns. Most companies are taking customer feedback in real time and this information can help businesses retain customers and reach new ones. These tools may also help companies identify buying patterns, which help customer experience employees anticipate needs and deliver better service.