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Product Catalog Manager

Camros-Tech’s “Product Catalog Manager” plays a major role in a modular BSS architecture as it manages the most dynamically changing part of every telecom business. It handles the detailed configuration of product specifications and offers which can be combined freely, bundled or re-used in numerous variants, which drives the behavior definition of several other modules regarding in which touch-points and how to sell, bill and manage them.

That is why Product Catalog Manager is an essential, integrated module of other Camros-Tech products such as “Self-care” and “Online Shop” for and “Recommendation Engine”. The use of Shared Information Data model (SID) as a basis ensures the possibility to model even the most sophisticated products, including all important details such as eligibility and cardinality rules, and numerous pricing models and rate plans or additional rule-based validations. Product Catalog Manager also comes with powerful version control, configuration export and import tools, and built-in processes for channel management, lifecycle management, approval and publication.



Benefits and value propositions of implementing product catalog manager:


One Place to Manage Them All

  • Minimizing IT, marketing and sales team’s manual activities to add/remove or modify products and offerings or their prices, bundling and descriptions in different channels
  • Re-using existing product configurations with few clicks to create new offers or bundles in the same or different customer touch-points
  • Managing digital products as well as physical products and 3rd party products and services in one place

Increasing Revenue

Integrating the self-care touchpoints with “Product Catalogue Manager”, new non-telecom products and services can be purchased by customers via touch-points e.g. music streaming, VOD streaming subscriptions.

Expanding Market Outreach

  • Product exposure to 3rd party sales channels or adjacent partners by call “Product Catalog Manager” APIs to allow them serve our products to their customers
  • Managing 3rd party product catalogs to restrict their service offers to what telco’s sales and marketing team decides and agrees

Moving towards digital transformation and API-led design

  • In an era of continuous innovation and ever changing customer needs, it is crucial to be technologically flexible and react quickly, our product catalog manager’s API-led design enables rapid modifications to telco’s products portfolio
  • It enables seamless third-party integrations adding different products and services to product catalog manager which can be served to potential customers or existing customer across different touchpoints

Customer behavior analytics

Telcos can capture and leverage customer’s product purchase or viewed products data collected from frequent transactions through different touchpoints and extract insights to enhance their product portfolio and strategize accordingly with market demands


  • The implementation of digital technologies, in turn enabling innovative business models and new products and services propositions to customers, allows telcos distinguish their service offerings from established rivals in the highly regulated industry of telecommunication.
  • Moving towards a culture of iterative innovation as a necessary part of the innovation cycle is fundamental to meeting the constantly evolving expectations of the digitally savvy customer.