We validate your idea early with a clickable prototype and MVP built to scale.

34% of start-ups fail due to poor product-market fit. We help validate your idea early so you can move forward with confidence in your product. We streamline MVP product development so your start-up can get to market faster.

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Strategic Software Planning

We will get to know the project and solution in-depth, identify the stakeholders and define the scope of the project. You will be guided by industry experts to ensure your budget, timeline, and project scope meet your business goals.

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UI/UX Design

Our team will design a modern user-interface keeping in mind your needs, industry usability standards, and your target market. We understand the importance of great user-experience for the success of a project.

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Early Clickable Prototype

We will create a clickable prototype during the Discovery Phase, allowing you to test and validate your idea sooner rather than later. Early hands-on testing has proven invaluable when taking the next step.

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MVP Development

Our team will develop a minimal viable product based on the designs and feedback from the clickable prototype. We use the right architecture and tech stack, ensuring its scalability.

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Product Launch & Support

Support doesn’t end at launch. We will maintain the software, fix bugs, add features and provide technical support to users.

Our process

Discovery Phase

  1. Outline project requirements, goals and challenges
  2. Create roadmap outlining timing and cost forecast
  3. Planning and management​ overview
  4. Requirement elicitation​
  5. Requirement analysis and documentation​
  6. Ideate user stories
  7. Create early clickable prototype

Design Phase

  1. Determine system features and functionality
  2. List objectives and deliverables​
  3. Determine technical stack​ and scope
  4. Create design mockups
  5. Improved clickable prototype
  6. Polish and finalise designs
  7. Create SRS

Build Phase

  1. Begin development based on the SRS and deployment
  2. Test internally
  3. Test user acceptance
  4. Defect resolution​

Launch & Support Phase

  1. Launch solution
  2. Maintain, improve and expand the system
  3. CTO as a service (CaaS)​

Validate your idea early. Build for scalability. Ensure a faster launch.

We provide start-ups with the necessary support they require to realise their idea.

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Why start-ups choose our services

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Highly Experienced Team

Our team has delivered countless successful projects, ranging fromsmall to large-scale and currently serving millionsof users.

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Early Clickable Prototype

Test and validate your idea sooner rather than later. Hands-on experience has proven invaluable for start-ups.

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Time and Cost Effective

We guarantee 35% faster project delivery than ourcompetitors. Shorter delivery times translateinto fewer hours and lower project costs.

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Full Lifecycle Solution

We seamlessly guide projects from initial research and discoveryto UI/UX design, development, testing, andongoing product support.

Solutions we help start-ups build

Our team has the skillset to build fully custom solutions tailored for start-ups.

Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Desktop Applications
Integration Solutions

Our skillset

Our versatile tech stack allows us to develop the perfect solution for you.

Front-end Web Development

React JS

Vue JS


React Native


Back-end Web Development


Node JS


.Net Core

C, C# and C++

Mobile Development




Mongo DB

SQL Server

Elastic Search





Our team has a proven track record

Over 50 years of combined experience in tech working on large scale projects still being used today. Our team is led by senior executives well versed in managing team and delivering client projects.

Projects include: MTN Irancell, Shatelmobile, SnappPay, Sindibad(Alibaba Co).


Completed Projects

15+ million

Active Users


BI Dashboards

80+ million

Daily Transactions